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Vivaldi's Cantate

In these five solo cantatas by Vivaldi, the voice is the real protagonist. A true test of virtuosity as a composer for Antonio Vivaldi.
Vivaldi, A.,
On demand

These five solo cantatas for alto and basso continuo represent a unique contribution to the wide catalogue of vocal music by Antonio Vivaldi, mostly related to the sojourn of the Venetian master in Mantua between 1718 and 1720. His services as Maestro di Cappella for the Prince Filippo D’Assia-Darmstadt were mostly focused on the entartainment of the lord in the chambers of his Palazzo Ducale. Here the occasion to write secular music on various topics such as hunting, love and nature for smaller ensembles, funny enough, avoiding the use of his beloved violin. Here the voice is the real protagonist of the compositions, evoking landascapes, emotions and passions. A real proof of virtuosity as writer for voices of Antonio Vivaldi, whose music is often indicated as exclusively instrumental.